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Exodus 3:13-14, Psalm 86:10, Nehemiah 9:6, Isaiah 14:12-15, Isaiah 45:18 Revelation 1:8.

The one and only I AM

Many wish to be me, to possess the power that I AM. Man you are so deceived, unlike you I AM. The things you create from your wicked minds and hands and those you have created with the help of the fallen ones will turn on you. For you have created abominations that will utterly consume you and the world in which you live. You seek power; you lust after it, power that is supernatural, not of this world. You are willing to sell your soul to acquire it and indeed some have already sold their souls for it and many more will follow suit. I repeat I AM and apart from me there is no other. Satan himself desired to take my place, to dethrone me and sit on high but instead he found himself in an ash heap, in the pit, in a place of desolation, a deserted island. If he could not dethrone me how will mere dust and earth accomplish what he could not? Children open your eyes and look around you there is a power struggle going on not one between Satan and I for all power belongs in my hands, the struggle is within Satan’s own kingdom and it will soon manifest in the earth. He has sown discord, he will reap discord and he will take many souls down with him. What do you think? Do you think I am shaking in my boots in fear of what is coming upon the earth? I am not, my heart is sorrowful for my vision is filled with the death of my creation. You were a product of my heart I loved you, I love you still but Oh man how you have lost your way, you have walked away from grace and rejected my mercy you will reap despair and disgrace and none will be able to save you from my wrath, for when I created the earth and all that is in it I never intentioned that any of my created beings should be joined to evil. All I created was good in my sight but now all I see is corruption. Only the ones that bear my light will be saved. Oh man you are so deceived you are following the great deceiver and unfortunately for you, you are not without fault for you willingly follow him to your own demise. I pray you wake up before it is too late but many will not and many will go down into the pit with the one whom they have willingly chosen to follow. You shake your fist at my throne, you insult me to my face and you gladly embrace fallacies, you are culpable, you will be held accountable for the choices you make and you will not be able to plead ignorance. Why? Because you did not take the time to seek wisdom and truth. If you had sought wisdom and truth you would have found them and you would have been set free but instead you delight in your ignorance and your arrogance. You will pay the price of your folly for I am a God of justice and justice and righteousness must reign. I repeat, my heavenly kingdom is at peace, nothing is out of place, no worries, no chaos, no calamity, but the kingdoms of men and Satan are in constant turmoil and both will fall. For a season you must reign but this season will come to an end. I have warned you, listen or else you will eat the fruit of your lips. You arrogantly use my name in vain calling yourselves I AM. Very well, get ready to meet the one and only I AM. Who will stand in my presence? For if spirit cannot, how can dust and earth? I AM has spoken. Be wise, listen, learn and obey, your eternal soul depends on it.