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Matthew 6:33, Matthew 13:45-46, Mark 8:34-37, Ephesians 6:10-18.

The pearl of great price: A man’s soul

En garde soldiers! The time for training is over, armor up, it is time to go into the battlefield. Children there is no escaping this, the rapture is not an escape from the war that you must fight, no you will take part in this war for I will not surrender in this battle. We will fight tooth and nail for the souls of men. I am not one to back down from this fight; this is a fight for souls, the most precious commodity on earth and in heaven, even in hell a soul is priced, for Satan’s objective is to enslave as many souls as possible in hell itself. There is no getting around this, you will fight you must fight for the souls of men. You will escape my Father’s wrath in the rapture but before the rapture there will be a great conflict upon the earth my children will have to make a stand for righteousness. There will be no straddling the fence all will have to choose me, Jesus, or Satan and it will come at the risk of losing your lives. But what is a life if the soul is lost forever? Will you remember the pleasures of the earth and long for them? No you will yearn for goodness and you will not find it, you will yearn for peace, love and mercy and you will not find either one of these for all these are found in me but since you rejected me while on earth you will no longer enjoy my goodness instead you will suffer my Father’s wrath. Children you have gone to sleep, many are comfortable where they are in mediocre worship, a mediocre spiritual life, comfortable in the comforts your money brings you and silent to me in the days of plenty. Now the days of lack have overtaken you for these days have lingered long upon the earth and many souls despair. In their desperation they have turned to me seeking relief from their bitter lives. Have I turned away from you? No, I have not, even knowing your heart, knowing that if the days of plenty were to return you would forsake me again I still in love opened up my arms to you and my mercy washed over you. Difficult days are here, they will not get any better for those whose hearts are tied to material things, for in the days of plenty my house was empty, many did not seek my face, there was no diligence in your walk. I was forsaken, ignored, you were preoccupied with your big houses, your flashy cars and your mirage lifestyles because indeed that is what it was, a mirage, you craved and lusted after what you could not have and you sunk into debt willingly following the lusts of your flesh. Oh yes money flowed aplenty and the whorehouses were filled daily but my house was left in ruins. I waited patiently, calling out to you but none heard me, in the end I allowed you to eat the bitter fruit of your greed and suddenly your mirage lifestyles turned into nightmares as your debtors came after you demanding to be paid back double what you owed them. Suddenly my house was filled again not with repentance but with fear, anger and accusations. I will not allow you to return to those days for the day is short and soon darkness will descend. Seek me now while it is still day for the darkness hides horrible nightmares.

Shalom, Jesus.