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Isaiah 47, Ezekiel 23, Hosea 1-3, Revelation 2-3.

To the Church: the daughter of Babylon

I am against you Oh daughter of Babylon. Yes that is what you have become. You were once mine, a pure virgin betrothed to me but you became unfaithful and you became a common whore in the midst of Babylon. You were lured in by greed and lust and you lost yourself in your whoredoms. Now your mind is constantly turned to wickedness. Even when you come to my house in pretense of holiness your mind is on the pleasures of the flesh. You raise unholy hands in my presence, hands filled with blood. Yes I knew you once, you were chaste, indeed modest and I drew you to myself with chords of love. I clothed you, I provided for every desire of your heart. Yes there was a time when you only desired me. That time is a vague memory now, it was for a short time yet it was the best of times. Now I cannot distinguish you from the common whores on the street for you have become like them. Tell me Oh adulterous one what did you find lacking in me? Did I not provide a roof over your head and clothes on your back? Did I not adorn you with precious stones? Did I not serve you with the choicest of meats and the finest of wines? Your clothes were made of fine linen and silk, deep purples and blues. You were a princess in my house surrounded by servants who catered to your every whim. You dwelt in my house of light and your heart for a moment belonged only to me. Then one day you spied a woman of scarlet outside the window seducing men in the streets and you wondered what it would be like to live a wanton life like she did. Your wonder turned to curiosity and eventually to lust. Though our love was complete and pure you desired to defile yourself with these strange men in the streets. Night after night you stayed awake listening to their riotous laughter late into the morning. Then one day when the fruit of sin was fully formed in your heart you gave in to your lust and ran away from me. You return once in a while a broken bruised mess, a festering sore but after I heal you return to the strangers by the roadside. You have been doing this for so long that you have convinced yourself that there is nothing wrong with the way you live. You believe that my door will always be opened to you. Tell me Oh fallen one what earthly husband do you know who repeatedly accepts his wife back into his arms after she keeps running away into the arms of strange men? None I tell you for men have killed their wives for just looking at another man. I have been patient I have received you back to myself over and over again but the day is coming when the door to my house will be tightly shut and you will not be allowed back into my house without complete repentance. It will take much pain and suffering. This time is here, this time is now prepare to be purged of your sins Oh whoring daughter of Babylon.

Your heartbroken husband,

Jesus, amen.