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Matthew 5:23-25, Matthew 6:12, Matthew 18:15, Matthew 7:1-5, Romans 12:18-20.

Unforgiveness and hypocrisy

Children I am showing you much mercy and grace do likewise to those who trespass against you. Remember you are not without sin therefore do not be too eager to cast stones, instead be merciful as I am merciful to you. Do not always seek to point out the faults of others instead go to them in private and correct them in love and in line with my word remembering always that though your neighbor may have a speck in his eyes you have a log in yours. Do not be self righteous but instead empathize with your neighbor for you were in the same situation not too long if not the same one, one that was similar, one that overwhelmed you. I showed you mercy and I caused the one whom you had transgressed against to show you unusual kindness and great mercy. Do the same for the one who has transgressed against you. My children have become head hunters seeking vengeance against one another for offenses against themselves. They refuse to use wisdom and they refuse to show mercy. Some have become experts at digging up dirt against their brethren, they have no shame in this, in fact they will prey into their brethren’s past in an attempt to prove that they are guilty and worthy of punishment. Yes they stir up the past and use it to accuse their brethren. Children I have already forgiven the sins of those who have repented however grave they are and even if they have not repented that is between them and I because though they may have offended you, ultimately they have sinned against me. I am their judge I do not need your help and I have not appointed you judge, jury and executioner. You are so busy studying, digging up and pointing out the transgression of others that you have failed to look at yourself, your heart is not right. You are a hypocrite; you are full of pride and self righteousness. In fact your sin is just as great if not greater than your brethren’s transgressions because instead of humility your heart is cold and unforgiving. You have become deaf, unyielding to my Spirit and because you fail to seek repentance and see yourself for who you are, you are guilty before me. This is no longer about your brethren’s offense, in my mercy I have forgiven him. Your attitude and accusations against him are extremely displeasing before me. I have looked and I have found no mercy in your heart towards your brother therefore I have chosen to show him my mercy. Children stop with the pointing of fingers, the sly looks and the backroom murmurings. My word says if you have wronged your brother or if your brother has wronged you go and become reconciled with him before coming to my altar to offer a sacrifice. If your brother refuses your repentance and does not forgive you or if they remain in their transgressions against you then depart from him in peace and come to my altar with a clear mind, a clean heart and clean hands. I will forgive you, I will heal you, I will restore your joy and you will be made whole in my presence. As for your unrepentant brother after you have done all to restore peace to the best of your ability, if he remains obstinate deliver him into my hands for I know how to deal with him. Children seek peace, love and unity with one another and forgive each other for your transgressions. I love you always.

Jesus, Amen.