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Isaiah 56:10-12, Ezekiel 33:32, Matthew 7:15-20, Luke 6:43-45, 1 Peter 4:17.

Judgment for defiling the Sanctuary

I have called unto you my children, rising early in the morning calling and calling. I have sang love songs over you hoping that you would listen and know how much I love you but you are like a man in a drunken stupor unaware of his surroundings, unaware of the times. Yes, I have called and yes I have sung songs but to no avail. My own messengers the ones I assigned to guard you are asleep at the gates. Tell me, if the gatekeepers fall asleep during their time of watch who shall warn the people when the wolves approach the city under cover of darkness? Who watches over my sheep in the night time? Yes I have done more than a father does for his children for I have not thrown you out of my house nor have I withheld any good thing from you. What is in my house belongs to you. Your inheritance is all that I own. Children the time of calling is at an end and the time of judgment is here. My judgments are fierce and not for the faint of heart. Through my judgments your hearts will be tested and you will finally see who is for me and who is against me for I know the hearts of all men therefore the judgment that I bring upon my own house is not to reveal anything to me for I know all, all the hidden things lay naked before me. No my children this judgment is for your benefit for through it I will wash away the dross that has covered you and indeed you are caked in the mud of deceit both from within and without. My judgment will reveal who is truly for me, whose heart is sold out to me; you will finally see who the wolves are among you for they will unashamedly betray you for the sake of power, silver and gold. The blinded eyes will at last be opened and the deaf ears will begin to hear my voice. Children do you wonder what judgments I am bringing against you? It will be one filled with pain and suffering and it will indeed begin in my house as I have so clearly indicated in scripture. Heads will be cut off, limbs will be sawn off, yes men, women and children will be marred, others will be swept away in the flood waters and by the great tsunami, mudslides will bury some and hurricanes will slaughter others. All these things I have decreed against my own house for you have defiled my sanctuary and you will not repent of your iniquities. You shake your head in unbelief. Are you calling me a liar? Ask the children of Israel. Did I not call them my firstborn? Did I not love them and did I not cast them out of my sight time and time again when they defiled my sanctuary? Have you not read what happened to them during the time of the judges and afterwards when wicked kings ruled over them? Did I not cast them out of their land and scatter them to the four corners of the world because of their iniquity? I did, I did over and over again. Why? To get their attention, to get them to turn back to me and away from wickedness. Israel was my firstborn in the flesh and those who believe in my son, Jesus, are my firstborn in the Spirit. I love you both with the same love and just like I disciplined Israel so I shall discipline my church. Gird your loins children my judgment is released upon you and those who scoff at this word will repent when they see the bitterness I bring upon my house. Only the repentant will receive mercy. Get ready children for heavy persecution is about to come upon my church and great judgments upon my house and your lands. I have spoken who dares refute my words?