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Matthew 24, 2 Timothy 3, Revelation 13:16-18.

The days of lawlessness

There is blood money in the streets, wages earned in return for a life that has been brutally ended, ended without remorse. Dogs receive better treatment but what is the price of a human life? What was once considered priceless is now taken away for less than a dime. Yes, violence fills the streets, the streets are splattered with innocent blood, the pavements pockmarked with bullets, killing is no longer restricted, in fact the laws against murder are suspended in order to allow the bloodlust that has overtaken the land to be satisfied. These are the days of great calamity, the days of lawlessness, the days of government sanctioned executions and murders, not against enemies of war but against its own citizens. Mercenaries fill the streets, guns hired to kill for money and pleasure. Corruption fills the land, so much so that even the ones sworn to protect and serve turn the other cheek while the innocent are massacred. The smell of blood and lead fills the air, the atmosphere is choked with the smell of death, yes the lifeblood flows down the street like a common thing. I look down upon the earth and all I see is the earth bathed in copious amounts of blood. All I hear are the cries of the innocent ones for their blood cries out to me from the bowels of the earth. Grave abominations fill the land, all forms of degenerate behaviors have been made acceptable, the torture and molestation of children and women, bestiality, cannibalism, vampirism as in the drinking of human blood. Indeed the earth is so polluted that it has become unrecognizable. Evil flourishes and the heart of man grows darker and darker. There is no longer any wise council, the wise have been locked up or murdered, now only fools rule the land, controlled by the fallen ones. The atmosphere stinks, the earth stinks, the sea is a cesspool of dead bodies, so many dead bodies that if they were piled up and burned the burning would take months. My beautiful jewel of a planet is unrecognizable, it heaves and yaws violently for it is sickened by the corruption practiced upon it. How long do you think I will put up with this filth Oh degenerate ones? I have not given you authority over my elements, they respond to my voice. Yes I have ordained a time and a season for evil to prosper upon the earth, a fraction of time, a sliver of time really to prove a point to mankind for the lesson learned Oh so long ago has been forgotten. Man wants to rule himself, to rule by the flesh from the flesh, to rule without boundaries, guided only by lust. These are the desires of the flesh and its origin is evil, so to the evil one I have given authority to rule over you for you have desired him over me and indeed he will rule for a sliver of time and during that time such darkness will cover the land that many will literally go insane. You will know the difference between my rule and the total rule of darkness for indeed Satan’s evil seed will have complete rule over those who accept his mark but my children who reject him and his mark to them will I prove my power for I will be a light for them in the middle of darkness, a shelter in the middle of a storm, shade in the middle of a desert. The marked ones will have what they have desired, flesh, flesh and more flesh, followed by death, death and more death. On that day men will grit their teeth in pain and they will remember the days when they were free, free from the mark of the beast, free to make a choice to follow evil or not to follow evil. On that day you will remember me and you will miss the days of peace and quiet but those days will be lost to you forever. Only my children will experience my peace and my joy. Prepare Oh world for the days of lawlessness that you have desired, these days are upon you. To those who repent and do not accept the mark of the beast to them will I grant eternal life in my Father’s house. These are the words of the true and faithful one.

Jesus, Amen.