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Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Jeremiah 33:3, John 8:44, John 10:10, 1 Corinthians 15:51-52, 2 Corinthians 6:2, 1 Peter 5:8.

Time’s up!

There is a time and a season for everything. This is a time to prepare, a time to complete the incomplete. Even though things around you seem normal, the sun still rises in the east in the morning, there is nothing normal about these times. In the spirit a shift has already taken place the only reason why it hasn’t manifested in the physical is because Father has not allowed it. He is merciful more so than you will ever know. He is tenderhearted and His heart breaks when He sees how so many of you are unprepared for what is about to befall you. Nothing moves in the physical or in the spiritual without Him allowing it. Therefore even though the powers of darkness are in formation ready to overflow onto the earth they cannot and will not move until the assigned time. Yes Satan will have his day but even he knows that the day heralds the end for him. His time is short and he cannot change his destiny and even he has not resigned himself to his end. Though he knows it is inevitable he will do everything within his power to prolong the day of its dawning and in the meantime he deceives the masses. He has always been a deceiver and the only satisfaction he gets is when he deceives a soul into hell. Children the season has changed there is no going back. Though all appears normal or near normal on the earth do not be deceived this age is rapidly coming to an end. Prepare for it my children; prepare your hearts to receive me the Lord of glory. Prepare your house, those in your house, though they laugh and sneer announce my return to them, do not leave me without a witness among them. Tell them that perhaps some may prepare and be ready when I return and remember as you encourage others to be ready consider yourself that you may not fall and think you are still standing. Remember the deceiver is on the prowl looking for whom he may deceive into missing my return for my bride. He is not stupid he knows that many will despair and become vulnerable on the day I return for my bride and leave them behind. Indeed that will be one of the darkest days in history literally and figuratively for men will despair greatly, a great cry will go out and many will moan in grief. Blood curdling screams will be heard in the streets as despair grips the hearts of men. I tell you this now that you may prepare and be ready now. Do not put it off thinking you have much time left over, no, now is the day of salvation, now is the day to be ready for tomorrow will be a different day. I warn you because I love you but on the day I return I will not be able to take the ones who are not ready for me. Though my love for you is everlasting I cannot receive you to myself as a bridegroom receives his bride unless you are ready. Your heart, your soul must be in a constant state of readiness. Believe me children those who will be taken up on that day will not regret the things they have suffered and sacrificed for my sake. It will all be forgotten as the glory of my coming overtakes you. Give it all up, give up all your fleshly desires and cling only to that which belongs to my Spirit, let Him guide you, let Him teach you, let Him strengthen you. I am here I am near to those who are seeking me. Indeed I will be found by them, you do not have to wait long for me to manifest my glory to you. I am eagerly searching for those who are diligently seeking me. I am here call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, mysteries that you know not for does not a father reveal all his substance to his beloved firstborn? Yes Israel was my firstborn in the flesh but all who believe on my name, Jesus, are my firstborn in the Spirit. I have prepared a place for you, houses that are empty waiting to be occupied by you, beauty beyond what you can imagine awaits you and I have spared nothing for your sake. It is time, be ready I return on the winds of heaven.

Jesus, Amen.