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Matthew 26:28, Romans 2:12-16, Romans 10:13, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Galatians 3, Colossians 1:14, Hebrews 9:12, Hebrews 10:4, Revelation 12:11.

The blood of Jesus: the new covenant

My children, do not underestimate the power of my blood. The early church understood this power for it was through the shedding of my blood that the church emerged and grace, mercy and favor was bestowed upon the gentiles. My blood and my name make all Christians brethren. Through my blood you are made into one family. The gentiles have found their place in me through my blood and in my name they are called and saved. Israel has rejected my blood and my name therefore to this day they still seek atonement in the blood of another and they will indeed reintroduce the animal sacrifices in the temple. My children do not be caught up in their traditions and in the old covenant. You are a new creation under a new covenant one made perfect by my blood and in my name therefore do not be wrapped up in old wineskins. You are under the new covenant in which I completed all that needed to be done to ensure your redemption. Do not go back to being burdened by works that have been replaced by grace and the power of my blood. Even the Israelites of old could not keep up with their own traditions that they imposed upon themselves in addition to my own laws. Now does this mean that my laws, referring to the Ten Commandments, have been made obsolete? Absolutely not! For he who is led by my Spirit has my laws written in his heart for does not my Spirit warn you about the sins covered in my law? Does He not strive with you to prevent you from falling into sin? He does and with each temptation I provide an open door through which those who choose to can walk through. The new covenant in my blood made it simpler to keep the law for the law keeper lives in your heart and He will not be silent. In the face of sin He will warn then He will let you choose to or not to obey my voice. Children all that you need to make it to my Father’s house has already been provided for in my name and by my blood. Do not encumber yourselves with the traditions of men or the practices of the old covenant for the old covenant was perfected in the new covenant, perfected as in completed not made obsolete but completed, made clearer, better, simpler. Indeed my gospel of grace is so simple that even a little child can understand it but who could keep up with all the requirements of the old covenant? Not even those who taught it could keep up with it. I am the perfect sacrifice there is no more requirement for another blood sacrifice. I am the perfect lamb who took away the sins of the world not just the sins of the Israelites but of the entire world. I am He who hang on a cross outside of Jerusalem’s walls. I am He whose blood flowed upon the ark of old and sanctified all that was unclean. I am He who presented my perfect blood before my Father’s altar in heaven, an altar not made by human hands. My Father who is in heaven accepted my blood once for all mankind. I will never again shed my blood for my blood is and always will be perfect and the work of redemption that my Father entrusted to me was made complete on Calvary’s cross. My Father will no longer recognize the blood of bulls or rams for these were insufficient before and are still insufficient to this day for this was a never ending practice that was ended on the day that my perfect blood touched my Father’s altar in heaven. I repeat children, do not burden yourselves with the old covenant practices or the traditions of men that have already been perfected in the new covenant. Salvation is simple, redemption is simple. It is all in my name and by my blood. Woe to those who cause men to fall by burdening them with a yoke that was forever removed on Calvary’s cross.

Jesus, Amen.