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Genesis 6:1-7, Revelation 9:13-15.

The return of the fallen ones

My children, the world seeks to be a god, to have unlimited power. Oh man do you have the capacity to contain the entire universe? Do you understand time and space in its fullness? Can you compute to the tiniest tiny detail the magnificence of my creation? Do you understand the treasuries of the wind or the laying down of the sun? Have you mapped the entire depth of the ocean? Man seeks to be a god, he seeks immortality. His quest for immortality will be his ultimate destruction. By his own hand shall he destroy himself for he has allowed himself to be manipulated. Yes the lust to live forever in your body of sin is but a pipe dream for it is appointed to man once to live then the judgment. In your body of sin you will not know immortality but your soul will after death and only after the death of your body that is but dust and that must return to dust. Children, modern man is not the first to seek immortality this began in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve fell. They sought to restore themselves to the former way but I did not allow it. I placed cherubim around the tree of life that they may not eat of it and live forever in their body of sin, looking forward to the time of the redemption of man. Throughout the ages, in many civilizations man has sought immortality, the Romans drank human blood in an attempt at immortality, the Pharaohs lifted themselves up as gods in the land of Egypt, the Canaanites burned their children in the fire of Molech also in an attempt at immortality. None of these civilizations exist today and not just them, the Incas, the Aztecs and whole American Indian tribes have been lost to history because they sought immortality by the help of the fallen ones. If I would not allow the abominable offspring of the fallen ones to live, wiping them off the face of the earth by a worldwide flood what makes you think that I will tolerate an alliance between the fallen ones and man? I destroyed these civilizations and for millennia their wicked knowledge was lost in the dust of history. I slaughtered them by natural disasters and by the sword; there were those who were annihilated by my own armies of warrior angels. Their sin was so deep, so dark, so wicked that I lifted up my sword against them and slew them by my own hands. After these civilizations were annihilated there was a time of the covering up of the knowledge that had been revealed to them by the fallen ones and for a time and a season the world languished in the dark ages and what was known as truth became myth and legends. Gates that had been opened were closed and should have remained closed. Now once again man seeks to return to the days of the abominable ones. I have called to you; in the darkness of your hearts I have shined my light. Some have responded, others have not and yet still others have fallen deeper into darkness of their own free will and choice. These refer to themselves as the elite and have reverted to the ways of old, drinking human blood, eating human flesh and uttering dark sayings and incantations summoning the fallen ones back to the earth. Very well, you have shunned me though I have called to you for millennia therefore I shall give you the desires of your heart. Upon the earth shall the fallen ones return and as before only now much more so shall they wreck havoc and pain. There will be much shedding of blood and gross darkness that man’s mind cannot even fathom. By the time I return to vanquish the fallen ones and those who have cleaved to them man will be on the verge of extinction not only that but even the souls of the marked ones will be in anguish because of the terror that will be unleashed upon the earth. Oh man you have desired darkness and darkness you shall have. I have spoken, the true and faithful one.

Yahweh, Amen.