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Psalm 23:1-3, Psalm 119:165, Isaiah 26:3, Matthew 11:28-30, John 14:27, Philippians 4:6-7, Colossians 3:15, 1 Peter 5:7.

True peace

My elements rage at my command they rage yet in your hearts my peace reigns. Yes I am He who stirs up the storms and I am also He who calms the storm that rages in your heart. What is it that is bothering you my child? Give it to me; let me grant you my calming peace. My children should not fret not even in the middle of a calamity for they are not only the light bearers but also my peace bearers. You are my vessels and in you there should be an abundance of peace that flows out into the world for the world lies in chaos and disarray seeking peace in itself and never finding it for my peace is not of this world and peace cannot come out of the chaos that is in the world. Yes the deceitful ones cry peace and prosperity but there is no peace in this world except in the hearts of my children. The peace I speak of within my children is one that sustains them in the middle of this world that is full of chaos, a peace unknown to the world, sought for by the world but unattainable apart from me. The only kind of peace that the world understands is the absence of war but a war is coming, a great war and even this peace will be scattered abroad. During this war only the ones who have my peace in their hearts will be able to stand strong, immovable, resolute in their convictions about their faith in me, the rest of the world will fall into a panic as they frantically search for peace. Some will run to my children and my children will lead them to me and in me they will find what they are looking for, an enduring peace. Others will seek peace in the world, they will not find my peace instead they will receive a mark of comfort but peace they will never know from then henceforth. There will be no turning back then for the branded ones are branded for eternity, with their mouth, their will, their heart and with their blood they will pledge allegiance to the beast and to him they shall be prisoners forever. This is one decision you cannot go back on, for a covenant will be entered into, an unbreakable covenant, one that even I myself cannot and will not break for I am righteous and just and to those who knowingly and willingly enter into the covenant of death with the beast to that covenant they will be bound and they will fulfill it to the letter including the total surrender of their souls to the kingdom of darkness. Once the mark is branded in a soul Satan will cease to pursue you because you are his now, you are at his mercy and he does not know what mercy is, from then on all you will have is torment and at your death hell’s gates await you leading to a place where there is no hope, no peace, no love. I tell you these things beforehand that you may make an informed choice when the time comes. No man will have an excuse before me. The terms of this covenant that were set by me is that none can be forced into it all must willingly accept it and once entered into there is no turning back, it is done, it is sealed even as my covenant with Abraham was made complete and sealed by blood so in much the same way this covenant with darkness will be sealed by your blood, an everlasting covenant even as my covenant with Abraham was an everlasting covenant. Take heed to my warning they are full of truth and are life to those who heed them and death to those who ignore them.

Jesus, Amen.