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Daniel 10:12-13, Ephesians 6:10-18, Philippians 2:13-16,

Unfinished business

It is time to finish what still lingers; it is time to put an end to unfinished business. Children some of this is your own doing but in some cases a hindering spirit is assigned to frustrate your efforts, this is Satan’s doing, he intends to bring frustration, desperation and depression. This work that I have given you is going undone, fatigue has set in, for when something is left unfinished and it keeps lingering before your sight undone it not only brings frustration and depression but also fatigue, a tiredness that you can feel in your very bones. The time for my return is almost here and I have given you some assignments that need to be completed beforehand. I do not want anything that has been assigned to not be completed in its right season therefore I am sending my angels, the finishers, to assist you to finish your assignments. They are warrior angels, they will wage war in the spirit against the hindering spirits, they will bring them down and place them underfoot. Your part is to go into a time of prayer that you may be strengthened to accomplish all that I have assigned to you. Furthermore, you need to start putting on my armor daily. It is time to call your enemy by name and bind him with fiery chains and place him under your feet. Pray and fast children for it is time to finish what I started in and through you. As the battle rages in the spirit, through prayer, fasting and obedience and with the assistance of my angels strongholds will be brought down and you will feel the cocoon of depression and frustration break open. My spirit will endue you with my strength and I will greatly increase the speed with which all I have given you is finally accomplished. Yes, I will shorten the time of completion that all may be accomplished in its right time and season until there is no more unfinished business. This is a short word and it is on point. It is a reflection of the quick work I will do in and through you to accomplish all my goals that have been assigned before my return. It is a reflection of the shortness of time until my return and the urgency of the matter at hand. Be ready; do not be caught by surprise on the day I return to gather my bride up to myself. Now watch and see as this word is fulfilled in your life. Selah.