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Psalm 55:22, Isaiah 43:19, Luke 16:13, Luke 16: 19-31, Hebrews 4:15-16, Ephesians 3:20, 1 Peter 5:7, Revelation 21:1.

What is the destination of your soul?

Children when a time comes in your life when you are faced with something so big you do not know what to do, instead of worrying about it come to me. Why have a God who is able to do the impossible yet you do not come to me for help? Who cares for you more than me? No one cares for you like I do. Make a habit of coming to me for help even when you think you do not need it. I am here for you; I am always available to you. Come to me and do not let despair take over your life. I am the giver of wisdom, the one who makes a way where there is no way, the one who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above what you can think or imagine. Do not live your life as if you are alone, I am here for you always. What is troubling you my child? Big or small I am able to help you. Come, walk beside me, come let us reason together even if what you face is as a result of your sin I am here for you. Repent and I will forgive you, place it in my hand I will undertake it on your behalf. I am tired of watching my children go through this life as if they are orphans. My children are not orphans, I am your Father and I am always available to you. I am not a deadbeat Father who abandons his children, I am not mortal therefore I will not die and leave you fatherless; I am ever present everywhere at the same time. I am not too busy to cater to you. I am available to all who call on me. I will not turn my back to you if you call on me with a sincere heart of repentance. I love you now, I love you always. I am compassionate to my children even in my judgments I am merciful and compassionate. Oh man do you not realize that I have the power to wipe out every life form on earth with a wave of my hand? I have every right to do so for man has corrupted and polluted my created elements. The earth that I created in my majestic glory is not even a shadow of itself yet I have not wiped you off it. I am merciful still but be warned a day comes when I will not only redeem mankind but also all of my created elements for I have prepared a new heaven and a new earth that will replace the present elements and my children in their glorified bodies will inhabit these and live forevermore in my presence. Children shun all greed for the material things this world offers you are temporary, they will all pass away. The only precious thing that resides upon this earth is the soul of a man not his physical body but his soul for the physical body is but dust and at death it returns from whence it came but the soul is eternal and has only two places in which to reside, heaven or hell. You must choose one or the other there is no grey area, no purgatory. When a man dies his soul is released from his physical body and either ascends to heaven to dwell in my Father’s presence or descends into hell to be tormented by demons for all eternity. All the money in the world will not buy your soul out of hell and there is no transference of a soul from hell to heaven or vice versa. The two places are distinct, separate from each other in every way possible for heaven is full of light, life, laughter, joy, peace, love but hell is full of darkness, death, sorrow, misery, worry and hate. The souls that reside in hell are in constant turmoil there is no rest for them and they will never know the joy of my salvation or experience the light of my presence. Children this is not a joke be sure of your destination. I love you always.

Jesus, Amen.